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American Printing Company's FTP Login

In order to connect to American Printing FTP site, you’ll need to use an FTP program like Cyberduck. Enter the following information to connect to the American Printing FTP site.

Follow these steps

Step 1: Enter in the Site, Username and Password provided here into your ftp program.

Site: files.americanprintingco.com (Please note that there is no FTP in the site name)

Username: amprinting\apcguest

Password: comeonin

Step 2: Make sure all your files are compressed to ensure a swift upload

Step 3: Once you are connected look for the uploads folder.

Step 4: Upload your files into the uploads folder. Please verify that all your files have successfully uploaded.

Step 5: Once you have uploaded the files, please contact your American Printing Company Account Manager or Project Manager so they are aware of the incoming files.

Please feel free to contact our IT Department if there are further questions or concerns.


IT Department
American Printing Company
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