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Environmental Efforts

It is American Printing Company’s policy to utilize manufacturing processes that have a minimal impact on the environment. We use recycled materials at every opportunity. We use low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) or VOC-free solvents, inks and cleaning products. Nearly all of our waste is reclaimed – almost nothing goes into a landfill. As part of our daily operation, we follow sustainable manufacturing processes that include:

  • Recycling all plastic wrap, plastic and metal banding from skids and other shipments
  • Shipping waste ink off site to be blended into a fuel source used in cement kilns
  • Reducing press solvent waste by 60% over a 5-year period. What’s left is blended into fuel
  • Recovering, filtering and re-using solvents from parts washers and clean-up rags
  • Recycling all printing plates
  • Recycling all waste paper, including paper consumed in our front office
  • Recycling all corrugated cardboard and all wood pallets
  • Reusing all waste press sheets as press make-ready stock
  • Using conventional inks with a high level of vegetable oil content including soy, linseed, sunflower and tung oils
  • Using VOC-free inks and coatings whenever possible
  • Eliminating virtually all isopropyl alcohol content from our fountain solutions and lengthening the life-cycle of fountain solution by filtering and reusing
  • Using low-VOC blanket wash towels in place of high-VOC blanket wash solution resulting in an 80% reduction in the amount of solution used
  • Utilizing motion-sensor lighting in our warehouse and distribution center

American Printing is now partnering with Mpower to strengthen and advance its sustainability efforts. As an Mpower Business Champion American Printing will develop a series of environmental goals and Mpower will provide the strategy and resources to help reach these goals. A key aspect of the Mpower program is an online discussion platform and organized monthly meetings, enabling Champions to share strategies, successes and general awareness with other companies and the community.