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Color Management

Aside from having our own color specialist and an in-house ink lab, American Printing uses advanced technologies to integrate our equipment and ensure color quality and consistency for every job. From pre-press to printing press, our workflow is streamlined to assure color matching with automatic calibration, saving paper and time on press.

We print to the Gracol7 standard using the G7 method of calibration and verify every proof against that standard. After being plated the pre-press workflow automatically adjusts the ink keys using CIP4 technology. Within a few sheets, color on press will match the approved proof. That color profile will be maintained throughout the run using closed loop technology that systematically checks ink densities and make adjustments as needed. 

Integrated Quality Control

Unsurpassed quality is a daily expectation at American Printing. From communicating client expectations and double checking technical aspects to pulling press sheets for inspections, every process has some sort of quality control measure built in to prevent problems and gain efficiency.

Our dedicated Quality Manager makes sure that the processes in place are regularly audited and adjusted to achieve the best results. Our state-of-the-art equipment is expertly maintained and production output is inspected and analyzed. Most importantly, our employees take pride in being a part of a quality culture. Each individual is empowered to raise concern or even stop a job if necessary to avoid problems and ensure the high standards people have come to expect from American Printing.