We connect people and print.

Our customers rely on us to leave them with “WOW”. We do just that—through creativity, collaboration and quality.

Why American Printing Company?

We have been connecting people to print since 1956. But don’t be fooled by our long history! Our people pride themselves on staying ahead of the times, offering the most cutting edge and creative solutions to help you connect with your customers.

“Your team absolutely knocked it out of the park every step. I was going to wait until the customer received their copies to give you the full praise, but I don’t need to – I can see for myself right here they are going to be thrilled with this product.”

How we connect you to print

We’re at your doorstep dropping off proofs. We’re sending you samples of our newest technology. We are in constant communication with you. When you say stop, the press stops.

We also have the Creative Lab where you can come in and play with glaze, foil and textures, while working with our creative team to make the best connection between you and your clients!

Man looking through printed pieces

Experience The Best in Print!

We don’t take shortcuts. We pay attention to the big picture and the little details.  We know who our customers are and that’s unique. It’s common for our clients to say that they feel like we are an extension of their team.


Design with our team and learn through our Creative Lab how to create impactful communication pieces.

machine printing on paper


We offer the newest printing technologies that create memorable and meaningful connections.


We execute direct mail, fulfillment, and ecommerce services on time and with precision to make a big impact.